Writing Reflections

When I enter English 4 I was the most excited and nervous for this part of the class. I wanted to write and yet I knew I had so much to learn. This year I have gotten to expand what genres I have written in and was assigned a longer research paper. I have grown between the beginning of the school year to now. This is demonstrated by the pieces I wrote earlier in the year and what I whipped out during our writing marathon. Also I learned that there is more than one way to write a research paper. Throughout this year, it was also pointed out to me again, that my writing can always be better. Even looking back now I see simple mistakes that I missed the first time or sentence structures that I no longer like at that point in the piece.


Write in multiple genres and work to master different requirements of different genres

  • This objective can be seen by the pieces I turned in for my multi-genre project. I did not write one single piece in the same genre for this assignment. Saying that I mastered each of the genre requirements for each of these pieces would be a stretch. I did work hard to reach all the requirements a radio talk show/podcast genre would have though in my piece Calling Out a Hero. I made the format look like the lines of a podcast printed out. I tried to create a picture for each character by only using their voice. I also put in sound effects that the radio station might put in while they are broadcasting.

Build skills on how to write in a formal tone and dig into research/a text

  • I have built skills to write in a formal tone for a little bit although I haven’t yet got the hang of keeping that tone throughout. My research paper, Sending People to a Social-Grave, is proof of that. My first submission had an editorial tone throughout. With a little guidance, I was able to change a few spots to make the tone sound more formal there. I took out a few analogy that I put in there before. This will strengthen the formal voice in the paper. I also combined a few paragraphs making the flow also for formal and less choppy. I also tried to write this research in a spiral manner making sure I touched on the last subject and keep moving down. I think that might have affected the overall tone as well. The next research paper I write I will try and avoid this way of writing one.

Develop a scholarly or reflective voice

  • My reflective voice has grown throughout the school year. I have seen this side of my voice get stronger in my writing (it even made its way into my research paper which is not a good thing). The piece that has the strongest reflective voice would be A Blurred Picture, An Inherited Throne. I am asking myself questions throughout the piece and drawing up information from myself as the piece progresses. I am clearly thinking through this topic as seen by how the piece flows. I am determined in this piece to find out what is wrong with me that I would do such a thing. It also shows how this reflection has changed some of my opinions. I spell it out through the piece.