Reading Reflections

We were asked to dig deeper into reading during English 4 then we have in the past. I was extremely pleased when I heard we were going to be assigned reading challenges. Not only was I enjoying reading but I was also learning. I learned how to talk about a book intelligently instead of just saying it’s a good book. The reading responses and the book talked helped me to do this. I also believe the discussions we had about the books we were reading in class taught me how to do this better.


Use literature to discuss modern issues

  • I did this specifically in the Hamlet Project. I related the Queen to the issue of hiding reality. I picked quotes that had the Queen hiding something or trying to ignore what was really happening and connected that to something in my world. I was using her as an exhibit A you might say. She was the vehicle to get the thoughts across. I talked about how on social media we try and give off this appearance of everything is going good in our lives and I related that back to how the Queen acted when her husband was killed.

Analyze a text in a way that reveals a deeper meaning

  • I would say my Book Talk reaches this objective nicely. In my book talk, I address how Seraphina is relatable to teens because of her search to find herself and how she is suppose to fit in her society. I don’t say I relate to her because I’m a girl, I relate to her because I am also trying to find my place in this community. Also, I briefly talk about how the characters develop from book 1 to book 2. I am looking at their mannerism and such that were added to them in the second book instead of if they were funny or not. 

Solidify personal choice and tastes in reading

  • By the end of the year, it was clear what I desired in a book. This can be seem in my Book Talk. I specifically mention that I am a detail reader. I want details throughout the books I am reading. I am not to picky on the genre though. As long as the beginning catches my attention and it has enough detail, I will work through the book even if I might not read it again. Also I think characters are a make or break deal for me on a book. If I find the main character annoying, it will be hard for me to keep with the book