Community Connections

There were three objectives we had to reach for in this topic of English 4. They are outlined below. I think this is the area where I have grown the most. Before we started talking about our communities with Mrs. Jack, I believed I was a part of the community. I had a hard time believing I played a part that matter though. And I would have never dreamed I could affect the community of Lincoln like several of my classmates did in their social action projects. Being asked to think deeper on this subject helped me to see that I am not just affecting the Lincoln Lutheran community. Working through the story of Macbeth and connecting those characters to things in our community pushed me in this area. It was hard but it accomplished its task.

Consider how place influences a person.

  • Throughout English 4, we have been asked to think about our communities and reflect on how we are different because of that community. My specific community makes me who I am. This can be seen through my personal essay Becoming an Aunt. In this piece I reflect on how my family has made me who I am. They are a huge part of my community. Because of them, I fear certain things which are illustrated throughout the piece. My family has helped me realize I can’t take the little moments for granted. Without Jessica leaving, I would not feel the need to make sure AB and Lane feel as much love as I can give when they are in my presence. These experiences have changed me. I hug them every time I leave the house and make sure I tell my niece and nephew I love them at least twice a day. Throughout the piece I reflect back on what could have made the betrayal so heartbreaking. This reflection shows how my opinions and trust has changed because of my family. My family that is my community.

Develop a celebratory and critical perspective of your community.

  • One of my multi-genre pieces, A Gear in a Machine, reaches part of this objective. I wrote down my ideas of how my community works in a metaphor type of way. It has a very positive vibe to it but also makes a point. Yes, we are all part of the community. That’s great but we also need to realize the machine will not be the same when people leave. I tried to accomplish this idea that we all belong in our community, that’s why we are here in this place. This particular piece could be a little more critical but my Hamlet Project fills the rest of this objective. In that piece, I picked things in my community and compared them to a character that had many faults in Hamlet. For that project I went around with a critical eye throughout my community. In my Hamlet Project, I had an overarching theme of the community asking us to keep up appearances. I address how we are asked to always seem happy and to cover up our problems from the community.

Learn how to address issues as you learn about them in your community.

  • This objective was hard to show in my writing at times. My best piece that does this is A Blurred Picture, An Inherited Throne. I learned about issues that I didn’t know about before we wrote this paper. Things that made my blood boil with anger and my ears go red from guilt. I needed to learn how to deal with this new information. This reflection of sorts shows my thought process as I did this. At the moment, that was how I was going to address the issue; I first had to think it through and digest it. As I was thinking about these issues, I determined I needed to do more research. Not only that, but at the end of my writing you can see my mind shift to a way to address this issue. I am privileged so I should stand up for those who were not born on the winning throne. In this piece, I don’t come up with a specific idea of how to help the Native Americans but I think of ways that could possibly help them. That is the start of the process.