Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman (#2)

As the reader digs deeper into Shadow Scale, they are pulled further into the story. Hartman starts creating twists and turns that suck the reader in. No longer is the reader just following a story about a lost girl in a prejudice filled town, but a story that takes place during a war that is being fought out in minds as well as on land. 
Also, it is easy to be wrapped up in the new characters that emerge. Not only are they someone new but many of them come from Seraphina’s mind garden which has as many twists as the plot line. The characters are described by Seraphina with distinctive features which are twists on their actual appearance. The reader may guess what character is coming next but they will be surprised by how that feature takes life outside of Seraphina’s head. 

Not only does the reader get to learn more about these mind characters in Shadow Scale, but this second book also points out how the dragons struggle with feelings. In the first book, the view was so wide on the dragons and saars that it looked like they lacked the ability to feel. They were creatures without emotions, except for a few odd balls. But as the reader turns more pages, they see that this is not true. Each dragon has emotions and things they care about, they just “explain their emotions with logic.” Making the emotions “not emotions.” And how even an old dragon can change over the “right logic.” 

I have finally finished book and, my, what an ending. I felt it was a little rushed but I believe Hartman did that to add a realistic touch. Not everything on the battlefield can be in slow-motion. I would suggest this book to only a few people who enjoyed Eragon and want a twist on dragons and how they are depicted. 


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