Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman

Shadow Scale is the second book in the Seraphina book series written by Rachel Hartman. It picks up right where the first book stops as it continues to follow Seraphina through a dragon Civil War. This new conflict causes Seraphina to go on a quest to find others that are like her and possibly create this weapon together. 
Hartman continues the tone that she established at the end of the first book through the beginning of the second. Seraphina still finds herself strange and in a world that is not friendly to her kind but she knows she is not alone. 

Hartman also expands on the previous characters in this new book. Abdo was introduced at the end of Seraphina and had a very small part but as soon as the second book starts his impact is immediate. Also his characteristics and mannerisms are described in more detail than the first book. The reader learns that “Abdo was born to be the successor of Paulos Pende,” and then “ran away.” After this side of the story is told, Abdo gives his grandfather a look and tells Seraphina “there’s more to it than that.” 

The rest of the ityasaari, half dragon and half human people, are also developed more. They become more alive to the reader and each one becomes a friend to the reader as they become friends with Seraphina. And that is why when the character Jannoula is introduced, the reader is shocked by her actions. She is cruel and distance compared to others when she meets other ityasaari. Hartman creates a villain who messes with her own people and gets inside their heads literally. She was briefly introduced in the first book but the reader got more of her back story in the second book. 

I am enjoying this book more than the first one because of the detail that Hartman has put behind and into each character. If a reader can get through the first book with some enjoyment, they will be delighted by how much more detail is in Shadow Scale.


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