Calling Out a Hero

MARK HOLMES: Coming through your radio, talking to Lakeville this is Mark Holmes on 94.3. 

(Chorus cords of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough)

MARK HOLMES: To fill you in on recent news: the police have brought in a person of interest in finding the identity behind our neighborhood superhero. The one we have been calling Licht. And for those who don’t know, this means light in German.

Yesterday at 4:35 am, Licht was spotted again saving a child. This is the second sighting of him in three months. He rescued a kidnapped kid the first time as well but this time was different. The 14 year old kid happened to be the mayor’s son, James Barnes. After he was rescued, they both disappeared until 5:30 am the same day. 

Since the news broke, ideas have been swirling around this space of time. Why wasn’t young James given to the police right after he was out of the kidnapper’s hands? Where did Licht take him and why?

Now this is the time when you can call in and say your opinion. Dial 1-800-221-8743 and tell me why our hero suddenly reappeared and what he must be thinking. We have our first caller. Hello?”

FIRST CALLER:Yes, hello Mark. First, I just wanted to tell you that I listen to your show everyday man!

MARK HOLMES: Why thank you, now let’s get back to the question at hand please. You only have so much time to share your opinion.

FIRST CALLER: Right! I think that this kidnapping was something more extreme. The police needed his help so he came.

MARK HOLMES: Okay, but what do you make of Licht taking James somewhere, probably to his hideout. Why didn’t he just give James to the police right away?

FIRST CALLER: I think James either had a serious injury of some sort or a poison injected into him that only our hero could fix. 

MARK HOLMES: Thank you for calling in. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t think that was the case, because the police had an ambulance present at the place James was being held hostage. They could have fixed any injury that he might have acquired. Now back to the lines; hello?”

SECOND CALLER: Is this Mark? I can’t believe I am talking to you! I just love you and your show.

MARK HOLMES: Well thank you. So what do you think was going on between the time James was rescued and brought back to the police?

SECOND CALLER: I believe our hero is getting tired and wants someone to pick up the mantel. Licht wants the protection that he has offered this city to live on when he dies.

MARK HOLMES: Thank you again for calling in and we appreciate your opinion. Overall this is a reasonable thing for a hero to do but I have a problem with this thought process. James is a child! He is only a young teenager. He is just learning to drive a car. How can he pick up the cape? He has had no training and hasn’t even grown out of his long arms and legs. This can not be the reason. Do we have one more caller?”

THIRD CALLER: Yes, hi. What if the hero just wants the mayor to be indebted to him and perhaps fear that he could take James whenever he wanted without ever being found. This could have been a threat to the mayor and the city. I don’t think it should be taken lightly. 

(Dial tone sounds.)

MARK HOLMES: (sighs) Okay but isn’t the mayor already indebted to our hero for the times he has stopped our city from falling into absolute chaos from happening in this city? We are all indebted to Licht. Don’t you remember the times before our hero? Licht took care of the freaks that were running our city and made it safe again. He hasn’t done anything in the last few months because there hasn’t been a need. He has scared the would-be criminals into obeying the law. We didn’t have gangsters running the banks this week. We didn’t have to fear that are water was being tampered with. We didn’t have to worry that are major might be assassinated. Because of the work Licht has done, he hasn’t had to work the past two months. He only ever comes out now when a person or child has been kidnapped. Licht can do what the police can’t. He has the ability to get in without the noise that the police make. He can rescue the child before the kidnapper has made the call for their demands. Like this one involving James.
I don’t want to claim that I know what our hero is thinking but if I was him, I would be nervous that this city would soon start coming after me now that I have cleaned up their trash. When times are good, as they are right now, people so easily forget about the dark moments. And that seems exactly what is happening now with the police. I hope James doesn’t know anything because our hero deserves better.

We can’t go after our hero because we are going to need him when the sun stops shining. Mark my words, we are going to need him yet. I am going to leave you with the live interview of James Barnes. Our radio station has been given permission to listen in. I’ll be back in a moment, signing out for now, Mark Holmes. 

(Live feed of detective interview.)

DAVID MOORE: This is Detective David Moore on the 5th of October at 5:45 pm. I am with James Barnes. He has agreed to speak to us about the events that happened earlier this morning.
JAMES BARNES: (mumbling) Not like I have much of a choice.

DAVID MOORE: James. (sighs) Please answer these questions for your father. Where did Licht take you?

JAMES BARNES: I don’t know. It was dark and I was tired; I haven’t been sleeping well lately. Once I was out of danger my body seemed drift to sleep. When I woke up, I was in a dim lit room.

DAVID MOORE: Did anything stand out?


DAVID MOORE: Nothing at all…

JAMES BARNES: Nothing! No rushing water noise, no blinking red lights, no strange plants. Nothing.

DAVID MOORE: Did you get a look at Licht? 

JAMES BARNES: Did I ever! His costume was so cool! He had these gadgets on his belt that seemed so BA! And…

DAVID MOORE: Anything about him that could help us identify him?

JAMES BARNES: You mean other than the cape…no. Nothing else made him look like a superhero.

DAVID MOORE: No I mean, the man behind the mask.

JAMES BARNES: How do you even know it’s a man hiding behind the mask?

DAVID MOORE: So Licht is a woman?

JAMES BARNES: I didn’t say that. What I’m saying is why does it matter? Hasn’t Licht done enough for you? Why do you care about the identity of our hero?

DAVID MOORE: Now that everything is better, Licht has to answer to a few things that he did.

JAMES BARNES: So now that everything’s great, you’re just going to arrest and put away the man that dragged us through the darkness? He did those things for you, your kids, and your friends. He did those things so you wouldn’t have to. He did those things because you couldn’t.

DAVID MOORE: That is no excuse! If everyone could give that excuse and be scotch free, we would have people breaking the law all over.

JAMES BARNES: You are calling out a hero. One who was winning to step forward and face what the rest of us hid from. And you cheered him to succeed, but now that he won, you want to put him away that is not fair! 

DAVID MOORE: (growling) Life isn’t fair!

JAMES BARNES: (continuing like there was an interruption) Besides, you don’t know that, people are better than you give them credit for Detective. Licht has given us back our city. He has given you your city back. You have less crime now and not only that, but you have people who will report problems now. They won’t just claim “they never saw anything.” Licht gave that to them. They aren’t scared anymore. He has given them something more than a person with a badge can give.

DAVID MOORE: And what is that?

JAMES BARNES: Hope. Licht came when there was no hope. When cops were helping the bad guys, and the bad guys ruled the city. He came and lit up this city so that there was no darkness. And now that the shadows are gone for a day, you want to get rid of the match that has lit the fire. 

I don’t think you will be able to do it! You will be surprised by how much the city will hide its hero. They just recently got their hope back. They see life in a new light and they are not going to want to give that up. And Licht offers them that. The moment you show that he is an ordinary man, you take away that hope because a man can be changed, turned, and corrupted. Licht will stay the same. He is their hero and that will not change. He is a steady rock in the time of chaos. The police can’t give the people that. You can’t give the people that, detective.

(Distant buzzing) 
DAVID MOORE: We are done here. Thanks for coming in James. 
(Chorus cords of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough)
MARK HOLMES: I am fully behind the ideas of James. He brings up some very good points. With Detective Moore wants to bring in Licht, they are going to have to get past the citizens that adore him. He will need to get past someone like me. Thank you again for listening Lakeville. Now back to your regularly scheduled music, this is Mark Holmes signing off. Have a great day.


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