Those Around You Can Change Your Life

Each person holds ties to at least one other person but many of us obtain relationships that create a giant web around us. Even the littlest connections, like a similar interest, manage to create a tie between two people. Meeting one person may knock oneself onto a different path entirely. The relationships that one hold manage to shape the life they are currently living. The people one creates bonds with affects their decisions as well. Through the characters of the Mortal Instruments series, the theme of life changing relationships affect Clary as well as her friends and family. Each book reinforces the theme as each follows the characters through a world filled with demons, vampires, werewolves, and warlocks. 

    Clary’s life is turned upside down just by meeting a few people. When she first runs into Jace, Izzy, and Alec, many aspects in her life that were constants start to change. She is attacked by a demon and her mother vanishes the very next day. Clary is no longer a normal girl living a normal life. She is thrown into this new world and is told that she belongs there. Jace claims “she is not a mundane” (City of Bones 71). A mundane happens to be the name Shadowhunters like Jace call wholly, regular humans. Clary slowly starts to grow feeling for Jace but suddenly she must throw up a brick wall against them. She loves him, but “[her father] is [Jace’s] father,” (City of Bones 395). As soon as those bonds were created with Jace, she was forced to place a stop to them. She fights these bonds through book three. At the end of the City of Glass, Clary allow these connects to Jace to affect her decision. Jace died, killed by Valentine, but Clary chose to save him. Clary is allowed to ask for one thing from the Angel. She could have asked for anything, “peace on earth” or “an end to pain,” but she chose “Jace” (City of Glass 496). Without the connection that Jace and Clary share, Clary might think about her “wish” longer. She chose him because of the connection they share. 

    Jace affected Clary much in the same way her mother affects her. When Clary’s mom vanishes, Clary will stop at nothing to find her. She allows her brain to “be search by the Silent Brothers,” hoping they find a detail that may help Clary and her mom (City of Bones 112). She followed the “trail” that Valentine had left to see if he took her (City of Bones 312). She makes reckless decisions with the hope that they lead her to her mother. When she finally found her mother, it happened no where near what Clary imagined. Her mom looked like “a machine,” hooked up to all those “wires in the hospital” (City of Ashes 28). Clary had her mother back in the flesh, but Clary wanted her mother to grow healthy again. In the search for the cure, Clary decides to use her new power to work magic that never succeed before. She “transport herself’ to the Shadowhunters protected city, but “nearly killed herself’ in the process (City of Glass 219). The ties that she had with her mother pushed her to work as hard as she could and risk whatever she could to make her mother better. 

    In the same way, Jace’s life is ripped out from under his feet, like Clary’s existence, by the relationships he holds. His life remained the same day in and day out. The day consisted of waking up, killing any wandering demons, eating, and annoying Alec and Izzy. After he met Clary though, life started to change rapidly. As soon as he got to know her, she stood above the rest of the girls he compared her to. He felt like “[he] was the one that was suppose to be making [her] laugh” (City of Ashes 377). He managed to get into more trouble after he started to know Clary more. He launch a rescue mission into “a vampire hotel” by himself, which ought to been a suicide mission (City of Bones 137). He focuses Clary’s wants before his own needs in many occasion like leaving her and everyone he knows to seek revenge on the man that hurt her (City of Glass 333-342). Jace also now holds feelings for those who carry bonds in Clary’s life. He finds Simon, Clary’s long time friend and downworlder, dying, but instead of striving to relieve him like any stranger bid to do, Jace offers up his half-angel, half-human blood to Simon. Simon, once he gets a taste of Jace’s blood, struggled to stop, but Jace just sat there. Simon, after recovering, tells Jace “[Simon] could have killed [Jace],” and Jace only reply was “[Jace] would have let [Simon]” (City of Ashes 389). Jace allowed this because of the relationship that had formed between himself and Simon because of Clary. This now new Jace happened because of his relationship with Clary.

    Clary makes an impact, but Valentine changes Jace’s life as well. At the end of the City of Bones, people believe that Jace is Valentine’s son. Without any other proof than Valentine’s word, Jace now holds a bond with him that is deeper than a similar interest, and this scares the people around him. Valentine had a plan to kill all those who wanted the treaty between Downworlders (half-human, half-demon) and Shadowhunters to happen. He turned against his own family to follow through with his threat, and faked his own death to keep others from looking for him. They start to treat Jace “like a spy” and criminal rather than “the best Shadowhunter of his age” because his connection with Valentine was blood deep (City of Ashes 109). He survived several nights in prisons for having the same blood course through his veins as Valentine. Valentine was the father that raised Jace, and Jace struggled with how he feels about that father. Jace said “[he] doesn’t even know who [he] is anymore,” and fears that he turns out like his father (City of Fallen Angels 232). With that fear always at the back of his mind, he inserts himself in the way of more danger because he is struggling with whether or not he entertain the idea of continuing living. Jace stalked his way into a werewolf bar to “pick a fight” (City of Ashes 178). He no longer cares about his well being, so his whole lifestyle changed. 

    Although Simon is very different from Jace, his life is also affected from the relationships that he has. Simon holds a friendship with Clary since they were in kindergarten. From that moment on, Clary and Simon can not “survive separate” of each other (City of Bones 111). Due to that fact, Simon follows Clary on her adventure into this in world full of demons, vampires, and werewolves. He attend a party where no “mundane” insist to be invited (City of Bones 234). At the party, that he was only at for Clary’s sake, he “turned into a rat” temporarily (City of Bones 238). Simon is taken from the party by a bunch of vampires back to their lair. As a result of this trip, Simon feels a “pull back to the hotel” (City of Ashes 204). After he travels back there to ask some questions because he fears he is turning into one of them, the vampires attack him. He now continues life as a vampire from that moment on. Without the ties that he shares with Clary, he would not gain an invitation to the party where this whole transformation started. He might have still lived a normal life with the world of Shadowhunters unknown to him. 

    Thanks to the fact that Simon is counted among the vampires now, his mom resolves not see him. She carves “stars of David” and other such symbols into their house, so he obtain burns if he tries to enter (City of Fallen Angels 201). After Simon confesses that he is a vampire to her, she prays for him to leave, and threatens to kill him if he comes back. She claims he “is a monster,” and “[Simon] has been replaced by a monster,” (City of Fallen Angels 275). He cannot stay at home and burden Clary’s mom, so he feels “lost without support” (City of Fallen Angels 278). No longer can Simon play bass in his garage or come home to a vegetarian meal his mom made. He now “fights” his own fights and managed to “grow up” (City of Fallen Angels 299). The bonds been broken between Simon and his mom, because she believes her “son” Simon no longer lives, and Simon resolves not hurt her more by staying around. This fact could not succeed in stopping Simon though from still trying to keep her safe in all of this. 

As seen through the Mortal Instruments series, relationships act as huge ties that can change a person’s life. By looking more in depth at the characters and their connections to others, one can better understand how much a relationship might affect someone’s life and the decisions that they make. Clary, Jace, and Simon all had their worlds turned upside down because of the bonds they had made between people in their life. Following the characters through the series, one can reflect on the relationships that shape his or her life. “No man is an island,” so one must know the impact those ties to another might create (City of Fallen Angels 377).

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