A Gear in the Machine

I believe everyone has their role in the community around them even if they feel like they are not noticed or too small to make a difference. We all are gears in the machine called community. I have a role that is different from my friends, sisters, and teachers. Things I do throughout the day affect those I see during the day.

Being in a smaller community, like Lincoln, I believe that I have a role that is involved with the community. I am not saying that my gear causes the machine to run, but that if my part was gone, it would be missed. The machine would still work but others would have to pick up the roles and responsibilities I left behind.

I fulfill my role by just being me. By holding to door open for a stranger who then passes on that sort of kindness to another. By helping younger soccer players with touches during the off season. By volunteering at the Salvation Army. These little things make those that are around me help accomplish their roles while the things that they do help me accomplish mine. Having that little girl smile at me, I feel the need to pass on that ray of sunshine in some way. If I am not having a good day or feel insignificant, I could let it die right there. I would not be giving it a chance to travel further, to touch others.

This can easily tie to vocation. I have a job in my community to help others no matter how small the act might seem. I believe that I have a role that my sister does not. She might encourage peers to chase their dreams while I help someone with English. Both of these are equally important. One is not held in higher regard. We both have a purpose.

I am not naive enough to believe that by helping one person with English that I can change the Lincoln community for the better. But I don’t think all of our vocations are suppose to change the whole community. Maybe it is just about changing one person’s opinion of themselves. Maybe it is just about making that person feel like they are important to the community.

In my community, I am not the one that is going to change it as a whole. I am the one that helps that one person realize they are a part of the community. My job is to make others feel like they are important to how this machine runs.


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