Dark Dreams

There was one event that caused me not to feel safe in my own house. And that one thing is all it takes to erase how safe you have always felt. That moment can even haunt your dreams, making it hard to sleep when you hear noises.
There was a family who was having a number of personal issues. The problems hadn’t always existed. There was a time when I remember them being just my neighbors. They didn’t cause anymore trouble than the next house. But then something happened to rub that family the wrong way. It was no longer a quiet neighborhood. Yelling in the night and verbal fights outside started. It seemed always to surround this one daughter in the family. The parents would always be apologetic about the night before fight. One day there was a larger fight than usual and I saw a car screech away after. We didn’t find out what happened until weeks later…
The trouble causing daughter had done something to lose her family’s trust, the parents explained. She was seeing this guy that the parents disapproved of. He had been influencing her in a negative way. She had started the habit of smoking. She would come home smelling of smoke. Her mother also thought she was taking stuff from the house and pawning it for money. This all started after she met this boy. The parents tried to be open-minded and like him because their daughter liked him but they couldn’t anymore. They told her that she could not bring him over and that she won’t see him anymore. Well she broke both of those rules.
One night, her mother was up late. She just couldn’t fall asleep because she kept hearing things. The mom turned on all the lights upstairs and downstairs, but couldn’t shake that gut feeling. When she got to her daughters’s room door, she heard voices. Her mom knocked and suddenly the voices stopped. Fearing for her daughter, she opened the door and found the guy that she had told her daughter to stay way from. Their own daughter had let him in through a downstairs window. She would leave it open and wait until he came over. Other times he would wait in the house until the daughter came back from whatever errand she was running. It must have been happening for weeks before the mother found him.
It finally made sense to the mother. She was a stay at home mom so she was at the house the most. There was times when she believed she saw a human like shadow when she was doing laundry. Or felt like someone was watching her when she carried the babies she watched to their pack and plays. He was the one that had been standing in the corner. He was the one that had been watching her. A silent scream of terror ran through her.
Upon finding this, the mother kicked him out, with the help of the now awake father, and said if the daughter stayed she would have to live by her parents’ rules. The daughter said she had had enough and that she was going to leave with him. That lead to the fight outside and the lose of a daughter.
I still shiver over the thought of someone being in my house without me knowing. The thought that someone is watching my family without us finding out is terrifying. The thought of someone watching me as I do my homework or as I sleep. There has been times when I wake up imaging that I see a dark figure standing in the corner. But I don’t just dream of someone being in my house that shouldn’t be there but something darker. I fear that my family could face the same problem. I don’t want my family to break apart like that. I will do whatever is in my power to keep the family I have connected.


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