A Candle Flickered

(Scene opens with a girl with a single spotlight on her.)
Rachel: There was a time when I didn’t realize how important family is. I would rather be alone than hanging and talking to my sisters and/or parents. It is when you lose a person, when those you took for granted start to slip away, that you find you need them.
(The spotlight turns off and the scene changes to a large backyard in the country. There are three little girls riding their bikes around the back. Two closer to each other than the other.)
One Girl: Jessica, we should play something.
Jessica: We are playing something Bethany.
Bethany: No I mean something more than just riding bikes.
(Jessica rolls her eyes.)
Jessica: What do you want to play?
Bethany: It has got to be something exciting! What if we try to play soccer on our bikes?
Jessica: Won’t work.
Bethany: What?!? Come on it will be fun!
Jessica: No. What if we fly a kite instead?
Bethany: I don’t know, I don’t want to hurt my hands.
Jessica: Oh come on, you were the one who wanted to do something other more than just ride bike.
Bethany: Okay but we have to be careful.
(The two run off to get the kite. They leave the other girl alone in the backyard with their bikes.)
Kristen: I wonder what they are up to.
(She shrugs and then goes back to peddling across the tall grasses.)
(Bethany and Jessica return to their discarded bikes with a kite.)
Bethany: I am not sure we should do this
Jessica: Oh come, we just carried this kite all the way out here. We should at least try.
Bethany: Okay, but we have to be careful.
(Kristen is still off a ways from the other two just minding her own business. The other two climb on their bikes and start flying the kite.)
Jessica: We’ve got this, just a little faster.
Bethany: We are doing it!
Jessica: Isn’t this fun?
(The girls laugh as they race across the big yard. Kristen notices.)
Kristen: I wonder what they are doing?
(Kristen starts riding over to them. Jessica and Bethany have spread out and the kite wire flies in between them, basically invisible.)
Kristen: Hey! What are you guys playing?
Bethany: Kristen, stop!
Jessica: Turnaround!
(Kristen rides right towards the kite string.)
Jessica: We have to stop!
Bethany: We are going to fast.
(The kite string gleams in the light of the sun.)
Bethany: MOM!
(The spotlight finds the girl again, and the rest of the scene fades it away)
Rachel: My sister then went to the hospital with my mom. She went into immediate surgery. They had to sew up the line across her neck. I was waiting just to see if she was alright for hours. It was the longest wait I have experienced. No longer did I want to be alone. I wanted to be with my sister. I wanted to be by her. She is fine, no place for guilt. She was healed, but there is still a scar. From that event on, I do not take time with them for granted. And that scar is a reminder. A candle can be blown out of slowly drain away either way you can’t take for granted the light given. I can’t take for granted the light that was given to me to light up my life.


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